Monday, August 29, 2011

Cool Nights, Hot Days, Mainly Dry

High temps over next several days will range from 86 to 92 with sunny skies. Overnight lows will warm up from 60 to 70 as we progress through the week. We were down to 56 this morning in Cookeville, TN.

Our parched ground will continue to stay dry as we only have about a 20 percent shot at showers on Wednesday and Friday. They will be very isolated in nature and most people will see no rain.

Our best chances for rain are about 7-days away unless the forecast changes dramatically. 

August has been dry in Cookeville with most recording stations noting around 1". Typically we receive around 4" during a normal August. Temperatures are just slightly above normal-about 1/2 degree.

Enjoy your Monday as it is a beautiful and cool morning here at sunrise.

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