Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cold Friday Rain

Did it feel cooler on Thursday as the day went on?

Your mind wasn't playing tricks on you as our high on Thursday was 63°, but that occurred at 5:13 this morning. Temperatures dropped below 60° by 8 am, down through the 50's during the afternoon and into the 40's by 5:00 pm. At 10:25 pm, we stand at 47°.

Look for increasing rains before dawn and for rain to hold on through much of the day. **SORRY to the Cookin' on the Square attendees** ...Highs will eventually 51° in the afternoon and showers should decrease in  intensity as we head toward evening. Chance of Friday rain is 80%.

Downright chilly for Friday night football games. Expect temperatures to drop rapidly after sunset (through the 40's) with lows by sunrise on Saturday in the lower to middle 30's and we'll see patchy frost.

Frost in the early morning hours. Sunshine and warmer, high 56°

Cold again with frost conditions and a low of 33°

Sunshine and warmer after a frosty start with a high on Sunday of 61°.

The rest of your 7-day forecast is below including the Halloween weather outlook (hint: DRY)....
*Latest Local Forecast*

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Deep Fryed Mind said...

Will it flurry on the Cumberland plateau tomorrow?


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