Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Questions and Answers

Many of you are wondering about some early week snow chances. I hope to be able to answer some of your questions with this post. Let's first dive into the weather conditions for Sunday night and the forecast for Monday. There will be a Q&A at the end and I will address the Cookeville Christmas Parade.

Rain continuing, heavy at times, tonight. We've already measured more than 1.25" since rain began before sunrise this morning. I do expect us to receive another 1" to 1.5" before rain ends as snow late on Monday night. Chilly tonight with fairly steady temperatures in the lower to mid 40's (we're at 44.5° just before 7 pm).

Showers with rain heavy at times. Winds will be fairly calm to 5 mph during the daytime hours and the high should be around 52°. Chance of rain is 100%. Rains continue on Monday night (90% chance) with a low of 37° by morning with snow possibly mixing in before sunrise on Tuesday. A slight chance of accumulation mainly on grassy surfaces.

Snow showers before noon then rain shower after noon. A slight chance for accumulation in the morning. He near 43° and winds becoming gusty from the west at 20 mph. A chance of snow for Tuesday night with falling temperatures with a slight chance for accumulation. Lows of around freezing.

Q:   Do I think we'll have enough snow for hazardous driving conditions?
A:   NO, not at this point.

Q:   Do I think we'll see schools close early or close entirely this round?
A:   NO, I don't believe we'll have enough precip nor will surfaces get cold enough

Q:   What about the Cookeville Christmas Parade?
A:   The call on postponement will be up to the Cookeville Chamber and if the forecast holds, it appears the parade will go on as scheduled Monday night. Be sure to dress appropriately! (Cold and light rain)

Q:   Are we on the borderline for this event and might it miss us?
A:   Yes, we are on the borderline and while this event is looking more likely, it is also possible that we may not get any frozen precipitation at all. As of now, it is likely we'll see some white stuff.

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