Monday, November 28, 2011

Will It Snow In Cookeville, TN?

In the last couple of days, we've talked about heavy rains and the chances for snow. Well, we definitely received the heavy rains and if all the indicators hold true, we'll begin to see winter precipitation in the overnight hours. Let's dive in to all the information.

This evening (at 7:30 pm), I emptied my rain gauge and have officially recorded 4.79" of rainfall since it all began around 3 am on Sunday morning.

To put that into perspective, November averages 4.71" for the ENTIRE MONTH!! That is a bunch of rainfall is just over 40 hours.

  • What about the snow? That is the big question on most everyone's mind! Temperatures are dropping across the state and our friends over in west Tennessee already have accumulating snow (Jackson, TN 3" and Memphis-area suburb of Bartlett reporting an inch with less in other Memphis areas). In Arkansas, Corning and Trumann are both reporting 2". Some areas of northeast Arkansas are reporting as much as 1" per hour causing roads to become snow covered. 

  • I do expect that precipitation to move into the middle Tennessee area and eventually reach the Cookeville area overnight. 
  • I DO NOT expect us to wake up in the morning with snow on the ground

  • Our BEST CHANCES for accumulating snow will be on Tuesday night with temperatures being a little colder.

Quickie Forecast:

  • Tonight: Rain changes to rain and snow after midnight, low 34°...little or no snow accumulation
  • Tuesday: Rain/Snow likely before lunch, then all rain with a high near 44°
  • Tuesday night: Snow likely after midnight with less than 1/2" possible, low 32°
  • Wednesday: Snow early morning, then sunny later, high of 43° 

More detailed 7-day forecast link below....
*Latest Local Forecast*

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