Saturday, January 28, 2012

Nice, Sunny Saturday

A very nice and seasonal Saturday with plenty of sunshine and a high in the upper 40's. Typically this time of year, we see highs of 47° and lows of 26°. Tonight's low will be right around 26° but sunrise on Sunday morning. I expect we'll be a few degrees warmer on Sunday with a good chance of creeping up into the lower 50's after a cold start. Add another 5-7° for Monday and Tuesday with sunny skies and things are looking up! Rain is expected back on Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Does this winter seem a lot different than last year? Well, if you answered with a resounding 'YES', then you are correct. Through today, our average high January has been 51.7° while last winter it was just 40.5°. We saw 6.7" during January 2011 while this year we've seen but a trace! The record warm January dates back to 1937 when we averaged 59.6°. JANUARY HISTORY LINK from MY WEATHER STATION LIVE

Seeing some incredibly cold temperatures coming out of Alaska. A report this morning around 8:30 am showed a temp of -51.7°.

Thank you to so many of you who've either commented on weather posts here, my Facebook page, or to me in person. Your kindness doesn't go unnoticed and I appreciate each one of them!

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