Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow Showers Possible

After a mostly sunny morning, clouds have moved in and snow showers loom just to our northwest in Kentucky. They'll make there way down to the area and the best chance will be in the northern Cumberland Plateau region near the Kentucky border. Some sections of Cookeville (especially northwest) will see flurries fly before the rest of us.

Cold today with very windy conditions. Wind chill values, that is the 'feels like' temperature, will hover in the 20's and drop into the teens during the afternoon hours. We do expect the winds to die down as we go toward sunset. The temperature will drop slowly this afternoon after reaching a daytime high of 33.5° (the Monday high was 37° at midnight). Expect overnight temperatures to bottom around 15° near sunrise on Tuesday. DRESS YOUR SCHOOL CHILDREN APPROPRIATELY! Cold Tuesday with a high around 30° but lighter winds will help it not feel so cold. The 7-day is below.

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