Monday, January 2, 2012

Snow Before Midnight

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On and off snow showers continue tonight for much of eastern sections of middle Tennessee. There have been minor accumulations in and around the Cookeville area with a little more on the plateau at Monterey. The snow is expected to taper off as the evening goes along and should end by midnight. Skies will clear and temperatures will continue to plummet (25° at 6 pm CST). Lows are expected around 15-17° by sunrise and will be quite slow to warm on Tuesday. Highs temps will struggle to reach 30°. Wind chills in the morning just after sunrise will be in the 10-14° range.

Clear skies on Tuesday night and we'll be back in the teens by Wednesday morning but do expect a warm-up (of sorts) to around 45°, but winds will pickup from the southwest and gust as high as 20 mph making the 'feels like' chilly! Our next rainmaker comes Friday night through the weekend with colder temperatures behind that system.

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