Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Beautiful Tuesday with Storms Wednesday

Storms, some possibly severe, are in our forecast for the overnight hours Tuesday evening into Wednesday across middle Tennessee. Can't rule out a possible tornado, large hail, or torrential downpours. Yet another round of storms is possible for Friday and Friday night. 

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For your Tuesday, another nice day on tap. We'll exceed the same high (66°) as we had Monday with a high today near 70°. A chance of an isolated thunderstorm during the afternoon hours. Tuesday night is expected to become bumpy in the very early morning hours with storms lingering on Wednesday, high of 72° with gusty southwest winds to 25 mph. 

We'll catch a break on Thursday with a high in the 60's and storms are right back in the forecast for Friday and Friday night. 

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Since severe weather is on the horizon, today I will be featuring the Midland Radio company. They are a manufacturer of wireless communications. They have a worldwide presence and were known in the 70's for CB radios and household electronics. They are well known for 2-way radio products and are an industry leader in several categories.

"Early Warning Is Your Best Protection" is a phrase that Midland uses in conjunction with their product offering.

Here is a shortcut to 'purchase a weather radio'. Locally, in Cookeville, you can purchase this weather radio at places like Electronics Express, Wal-Mart, Kmart, and other places. Additionally, you can purchase online from plenty of places. The link above will assist you with the purchase.

Find your frequency, SAME #, and other information for the area of Tennessee in which you live.

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