Monday, February 20, 2012

Severe Weather Awareness Week 2012

February 19-24, 2012 is Severe Weather Awareness Week across Tennessee. We will observe the following events over the next six days. 
  • Sunday, February 19 - Important Role of SKYWARN Spotters.
  • Monday, February 20 - Hazards of Flooding and Flash Floods.
  • Tuesday, February 21 - Lightning, the Underrated Killer.
  • Wednesday, February 22 - Tornado Safety and Preparedness.  Tornado Drill Day
  • Thursday, February 23 - Severe Thunderstorms and the Devastating Effects of Severe Storms.
  • Friday, February 24 - NOAA Weather Radio and The Emergency Alert System.
There are several links for you below.....

The following are safety tips from each severe weather occurrence:

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