Monday, February 20, 2012

Rain-Filled Week Ahead

After a snowy Sunday and a very nice Monday in which we saw much of the snow melt, the week ahead is promising two things......wind and rain. Temperatures should be quite nice but much cooler on Friday.

First off, we saw a low this Monday morning of 22.1° at 6:34 am while the high this afternoon went all the way up to 52.2° at 4:22 pm. Our average high this time of year is 51°. There were numerous reports of slippery roads early this morning due to freezing fog conditions overnight.

The big winner in snowfall yesterday was a 4.8" amount reported from near Jamestown in Fentress County. See the CoCoRaHS spotter map above. Much of our area was in the 1-2" range with a Monterey amount of 3". The snow was nice while it lasted. There is no hint of snow in the 7-day forecast below.

Let's look at the next few days. Expect showers to develop overnight and the winds will definitely pick up by daybreak. High Tuesday of 56° with wind gusts to 25 mph with a 20% chance of showers early. Rain chances again on Wednesday, high of 62° with winds gusting once again to 25 mph and about a 20% chance of rain. Thursday shows a 30% chance for showers and thunderstorms with a high of 68° and another windy day. Much cooler Friday, high only 48° along with a 40% chance of showers and continued windy conditions.

The weekend is expected to be sunny with a chilly day Saturday (high 44) and a warmer day Sunday (high 56).

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