Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What Happened to the Snow?

Some of you are waking up this morning asking that question. Here is what happened. We were very close to the 'borderline' for rain/snow mix. A degree or two EITHER WAY would have made a difference. Unfortunately, there wasn't enough cold air in place for us to receive snow. Officially, at my weather station, we only got down to 36.7°....just not good enough to see snow produced and accumulation to occur. Sorry to the kids and teachers!

Rain, high 45 - south winds to 10 mph

Cloudy, low 33 - calm winds

Increasing clouds, much warmer, high of 60

*Latest Local Forecast*

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Scott said...

We've had a weird winter here in the northeast. 4th warmest January on record with 2 huge snowstorms in between. One on october 30th and one in mid January. Now there's a chance for a Nor'Easter on Sunday. Hoping to see some more snow soon.



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