Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Storm Damages From Monday Night

Quite a list of damage reports from last evenings potent thunderstorms and winds that blew through north Cookeville, Algood, and surrounding areas. This list isn't all inclusive, so if you have more damage reports, let me know via e-mail or comment here or on Facebook.

Power out on Plantation Circle above White Plains - Algood
Power out in north Algood near Timberland Subdivision
UCEMC reports multiple outages; crews out all night
Report of a trampoline flipped over by winds
Trees down on Turnberry in White Plains
Trees down 1 mile SE of Algood in White Plains
Power out in White Plains
Tree down on cars on Holland Drive in Bangham
Mix of small and large trees down in Timberland Sub. in Algood
Power out on Mirandy Rd and surrounding areas in Algood
Trees down on Brotherton Mountain Road in Algood
Trees down on W. Thomas Allen Road near Fairview Road

Again, there are probably many reports of trees down and power out.

Last night's rains combined with rainfall in the early morning hours (around 1:30 am to 2 am) dropped just under 1" (0.98") on us here in northeast Cookeville.

The great news is our weather will be quiet for the next 7 days.
For now the next rainfall event won't happen until at least the first of next week.
Temps will be mild today and gradually warm up each day.

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