Thursday, November 15, 2012

Cold Night Once Again

It's going to cold again Thursday night with morning lows on Friday in the upper 20's. We're already down to 39° early this evening (7:25 pm). Skies will remain mostly clear. Friday's forecast is for mostly sunny skies and a warmer high of 57° (we hit just 54.9°) on Thursday.

The lows this week have been:
Monday 29.8°
Tuesday 25.8°
Wednesday 29.4°
Thursday 26.5°

The highs this week have been:
Monday 64.4° (at 12:38 am)
Tuesday 47.1°
Wednesday 50.6°
Thursday 54.9°

I do expect we'll finally hit 60° by this weekend and we'll rise a few degrees into the 30's for overnight lows. Our next rain chances arrive on Tuesday with a very slight chance of a shower but then we'll clear up all the way through Thanksgiving with very seasonal highs and lows (60's and 40's).

We've talked a couple of times this week about the fact that it's Winter Weather Awareness Week across Tennessee. If you want more information, check out this special National Weather Service webpage.

New Year's Day Snowstorm of 1964
(from The Pulaski (TN) Citizen)

New Year's Eve Snowstorm of 1963

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