Saturday, November 10, 2012

Earth Tremor In Cookeville

Did you feel it?

There are reports of a small earth tremor in Cookeville today. So far we've gotten reports from Bangham area north of Cookeville, the Avery Trace area just east of the Courthouse and also in northeast Cookeville near Hwy 111 and 10th Street.

I've checked the earthquake map at:

Nothing so far.

A 4.3 magnitude quake has been recorded some 13 kilometers (8.07 miles) west of Whitesburg, Kentucky (near KY/VA border) at 11:08 am this Saturday morning.

Reports of the ground shaking are coming in from all over Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia and even as far away as Charleston, West Virginia.

Report what you felt to the USGS at:


Michael Detwiler said...

A 4.3 quake was just measured in eastern Kentucky some 13km west of Whitesburg. They are about 231.8 miles from Cookeville.

Unknown said...

Felt a small tremor at 11:11 on the west side of Cookeville

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks for commenting Michael!


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