Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back In The Saddle Again

My old Dell served two weather stations faithfully for more than seven (7) years but kicked the bucket on March 5, 2013. I have since replaced the Dell with another Dell thanks to Mike Austin and the great people at Cardinal Computer in Cookeville, TN.

I'm running an Optiplex 760 Windows 7 Professional with 4GB of RAM and a 1 TB of hard drive space.

The great news is that my weather station live is up and running. There was a hiccup or two getting it going as Belkin's serial to USB connector doesn't communicate with Windows 7. Apparently, Belkin would like for me to buy another connector. I threw the connector away and hooked it directly to the serial port. In seconds, the Davis Vantage Vue was communicating nicely with the Virtual Weather Station software (version 14.01 p46). I had a great assist with the guys at and Ed at

This has been a true team effort and I'm very grateful.

Our Cookeville, TN weather is going to be chilly tonight with lows in the lower 40's and a high of 70° on Monday with mostly sunny skies. We'll be a few degrees warmer on Monday night/Tuesday morning with highs in the lower 70's on Tuesday. Look for thunderstorm chances late Tuesday night and on Wednesday with a slight cooling trend for Thursday but warming to near 70° once again on Friday through the weekend with a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms.

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Unknown said...

Glad it is back up. I used your weather info from My hubby made his own programmable thermostat that uses info from that site, so it is important to us to have accurate info. -Jenn Glancy

Unknown said...

By the way, what equipment are you using? My parents bought us an Accurite one from The Bass Pro Shop, but I want more. Where is yours located at? Roof? Deck? Yard?


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