Saturday, July 27, 2013

*Saturday Update* Warming Up

**2:00 PM UPDATE**
We're seeing some pop-up showers across portions of the area east of Nashville. 
Some of these showers could linger in the Cumberland Plateau and Highland Rim areas around Cookeville into the early evening hours. 
We are looking at the potential for lows in the lower to mid 50's on Sunday night into Monday morning possibly reaching record low temperature levels (record low is 58° on both Monday and Tuesday).


We are already up to 81° at 11:30 am. Expect temps to rise a few more degrees today. Showers will develop this afternoon as a cold front approaches. They'll be mostly the scattered variety. I don't think they will completely ruin your outdoor plans.

Behind the front, we'll have much lower humidity levels and cooler temps with lows tonight around 60° and only to 78° on Sunday under brilliant sunshine. Sunday night will be chilly with lows around 56-58° ranges by Monday at sunrise. Some locations might be even chillier.

Nice week ahead with a chance of storms by mid-week. Temperatures will be several degrees below normal in what is typically the hottest week of the summer season.

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