Monday, July 22, 2013

Thunderstorms Likely Once Again Monday

We awake to warm temperatures, high humidity, and a high dewpoint reading this morning. Thunderstorms are likely as we heat up over the next few hours. It is probable these storms will be off and on throughout the day. One of the most dangerous things associated with the storms will be frequent cloud-to-ground lightning. We've seen several homes in Middle TN struck over the last few days.

Moderate to heavy rainfall is likely today. We'll be on the lookout for 'training' of rain cells. Training means that rain falls over an area and like a train the rain cells continue to develop and roll through that area. This could likely cause severe flooding locally. As much as 1.5" to 2" of rainfall is possible today.

High temperature today will only be in the lower 80's.

Expect rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday with drier weather for Thursday and Friday.

Sunday's high was just 83.5° at 10:40 in the morning before heavy rains struck. We finished the day with 1.38" of rain giving us 9.11" for July and we're just short of the record July amount of 10.52" which occurred in 1979.

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