Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your Wet July 4th Forecast

Waves of rain will cause your Independence Day holiday to be quite a wash-out in many areas throughout Middle Tennessee. There have been a whole host of cancellations of July 4th celebrations across the region.

*Flash Flood Watch*

Since rains began yesterday, we've recorded nearly an inch in Cookeville. Across the state of TN, the east TN cities of Elizabethton recorded 2.65", Bristol and Johnson City both have had 2.55". In middle TN Goodlettsville had 1.98" at 7 am with the rain falling heavy in that area.

If you're keeping track, the most rainfall for a July 4th in Cookeville was 2.43" back in 1941. Last year's high was 99° (a record) and the coldest temp on July 4 was 51° in 1967. Other interesting facts include the first 4 out of 5 days in July 2012 set daily record highs. In fact, we set records 6 out of 8 days during that run. The high on June 29 was 105° which tied Cookeville's all-time record (officially) from back in 1930.

The forecast calls for an expectation of 2-4" for many of us with some isolated 6" amounts through the weekend. The heaviest of the rains will occur today through Friday. A good chance for rain through Sunday with a chance for a bit of sun on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

*Latest Local Forecast*

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