Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Rainfall and Expected Weekend Forecast

We continue to analyze the rainfall totals here in Cookeville. I've seen an interesting trend develop. You'll notice it yourself as I point out our total rainfall.

First, lets discuss the latest forecast for the weekend. We're currently under a Special Weather Statement through at least Saturday night. We expect rain to develop once again as a frontal boundary sinks closer to our area. Some estimates put 1-2" of rainfall across much of middle TN. With the grounds saturated from Nashville to Cookeville along I-40 from rainfall on Thursday, it won't take much for areas to become flooded once again. Be exceptionally careful if caught in a heavy downpour.


Thunderstorms are likely for Saturday with a high of 87°. It'll be very muggy from tonight through Saturday. Dewpoints are running in the mid to upper 70's. We'll keep thunderstorm chances in the forecast through the middle of next week. Sunday's high is expected to be in the mid 80's.


Let's look at our latest rainfall amounts.
I was prompted to do this from an e-mail I received yesterday.

The record year for precipitation in Cookeville was 76.46" back in 1998. 

43.34" has been measured as of July 30th. 
At this pace, we're on track to receive just over 74" for 2013.  

Last year our total was 54.90" which is just .78" from our average annual rainfall of 55.68"

70" of rain has only occurred SIX (6) times in 117 years including, 
2011 - 72.07" and 2009 - 76.04"

Interestingly enough, 2005-2008 saw four of our driest years with 41.30", 45.32", 36.75", 48.06". 


4.18" through this morning with 3.69 of it coming yesterday. Average August rainfall is 3.83". 

As of today, this gives us 47.52" through 221 days. 
If we extend that out over 365 days, it would give us 78.48" a typical year, August, September, and October are usually our 3 driest months. 

Lastly, we'll probably see an additional 1-2" of rain over the 2 days. 

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