Friday, March 2, 2007

Life After The Storms...

Folks in Alabama and Georgia continue the process of cleaning up after tornadoes devastated several locations in the South.
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Here on the Plateau in Middle Tennessee, our Friday weather is simply beautiful! I'm posting during my lunch hour at home while eating some leftover pizza! All of the severe weather, thankfully, missed us. We measured nearly 2" of rain on my weather station. Some spots here in Middle Tennessee saw 3+ inches of rain.

Friday will be the nicest day of our weekend. Highs will push 60 with blustery winds and bright sunshine. Saturday will be cooler as cold air is ushered in from the North and West...temperatures may not make it into the mid 40's. By Sunday, we see more sunshine, but will struggle to make 40 for afternoon highs.

This weekend is filled with opportunities for fun things. Tennessee Tech's Men's Basketball team in the Ohio Valley Conference Tournament in Nashville. They face Eastern Kentucky. Tech hasn't made the NCAA Tourney field since 1963 (the year I was born TODAY). This team looks good enough to win the OVC Tourney and make the field of 64. Check out the TTU Sports link to the right on this blog.

Also going on is the Upper Cumberland Home and Garden Show at the Hyder Burks Ag Pavilion. It's a great time and fun to see many people that I know. Another great event is the annual Houseboat Show being held in Louisville,'s a great place to dream build! :)

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