Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hot Again!

(courtesy of News 2 Nashville)

The 7-day forecast shows unrelenting heat yet again. I'm over it, bring on the Autumn colors and cool nights.

Long-Range Forecast:

Looking out over the 8 to 15 day forecast, it is showing a possible Canadian front sweeping through. Highs in the 70's and lows in the 50's! While that's a long way out (James Spann at ABC 33/40 calls this Voodoo Land!), we are getting toward the end of the summer season. Until then, however, we'll still see hot days and warm nights.

Tropical Depression Dean:

It does not appear Dean will continue the trek into the Pacific. He is continuing to break apart over Mexico. Rainfall around Dean will measure from 5-10 inches in many locations with some of the moutainous regions receiving up to 20 inches.

Mid-West Flooding:

More than 25 people have been killed in the continued flooding in the Mid-Western United States. Findlay, Ohio is dealing with record-breaking flooding in their city. The forecast is for even more rain today.

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Mike Wilhelm said...

I'm looking fwd to voodoo was 103 at my place yesterday!


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