Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Felix and Gabrielle

With Hurricane Felix on land in Central America and quickly being downgraded, the things people in that region will need to watch for are flooding and mudslides. They are capable of causing devastating loss of life. We may see stories coming from that area over the next several days.

In the Atlantic, a system is trying to organize and would become Gabrielle when and if that happens. Folks on the East Coast from South Carolina to Massachusetts ought to be paying attention to this one. It could affect plans for this upcoming weekend.

Click here for the Nat'l Hurricane Center to get the latest information on these tropical systems.

Locally, here in Cookeville, TN, our forecast calls for a mostly quiet week!

One last thing, this fun weather fact (on this date) from the National Weather Service in Nashville, Murfreesboro, TN measured it's greatest one-day rainfall ever in 1986 with 8.13"....WOW!

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