Friday, November 30, 2007

November Rainfall

We will finish the month with 5.39", since there is no expectation of rain.

Heavy frost this morning across Tennessee. Temperatures in many locations are in the lower and middle 20's.

The first part of the weekend will be nice with highs in the 60's. By Sunday, however, the rain chances increase with windy conditions. Next week's temperatures looks much below normal.

Our Middle TN Forecast

The Middle TN Fun Weather Fact of The Day (courtesy of the: NWS)

On November 30, 1997...Nashville records greatest one-day rainfall for November, with 4.20". High water covers Highways 41 and 31A in the southeast part of town. A number of motorists are stranded in their vehicles and have to be rescued.

On November 30, 2001...Heavy rainfall event spanning 2 days ends with significant localized and river flooding across much of western Middle Tennessee. Some stations report large precipitation totals spanning the 2 days, including Montgomery (Decatur County) (8.93"), Clifton (8.44"), Parsons (Decatur County) (8.00"), Big Sandy (7.20"), Dover (7.02"), Camden (6.33"), Waverly (5.90"), Linden (5.77"), Lobelville (5.35"), Pinewood (5.10"), and Centerville (5.06"). The Stewart County Highway Department reports 14.6" of rainfall in 24 hours, and 24" over ten days.

Worlds Worst Weather
This morning at Mt. Washington, NH, it is 1° above zero with winds running up the 90+ mph range, giving them a wind chill of -40°. Click on Mt. Washington to see their current conditions!
Webcam from Mt. Washington
Homepage for Mt. Washington


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