Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cool Thursday, Rain This Weekend

(We are ready for Christmas!)

We'll be significantly cooler today than yesterday. Add in a breeze from the Northwest and it'll feel even cooler. The good news is today will be the coolest day until after the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, rain will develop on Saturday evening and stay around all day on Sunday...some rain on Sunday could be heavy with lightning.

The Fun Weather Fact For This Day for Middle Tennessee: (courtesy of the NWS)
November 29, 1955...Low temperature of 5 degrees sets a monthly record at Crossville.
November 29, 2001...Nashville measures 3.46" of rain.

Looking out over the next two to three weeks, our temperatures are TRENDING below normal. What does that mean, you ask? Well, a series of cold fronts will bring cooler than normal air into our area keeping us (for the most part) below normal. Normal highs and lows for this date are: 55 and 33...look for some very cold days over the next 3 weeks leading into Christmas.


Wayfarer said...

See if you can find a tiny Skywarn shirt for her...;-)

Dewdrop said...


Mike Wilhelm said...

So cute! I second Rick's idea too!

Michael Detwiler said...

We'll try to find her one of those!!!

Nothing like those little girls! :)

Nette said...

So adorable! We took our baby to have her picture made with Santa. But she was scared of him... :( I am going to try again without Santa... :)


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