Saturday, November 24, 2007

Wintery Forecast Tonight!

Things have changed slightly and the NWS has issued the latest forecast with a possibility of sleet in it.

Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of the Day (from the NWS)
On November 24, 1950...
Nashville records greatest one-day snowfall for November, measuring 7.2".

Many people are pointing to the computer model 'GFS' that is hinting at a possible snowstorm for our area. It is way too far out there to discuss at this point.


Maynard said...

Yeah, we had about 30 minutes of sleet around 3 PM in Sparta. Was hoping it would turn into something else but sadly, no.

Snowman said...

The models are trending very interesting for the latter part of next week. Something for us to keep an eye on.


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