Thursday, December 20, 2007

Frost and Snow (on Christmas?)

Interesting phenomenon today when I woke up...saw FROST on the rooftops, yet we have none on the ground. It almost looked like SNOW had fallen...what do you all make of that?

The GFS (Global Forecasting System) computer model puts snow in our forecast for here in Cookeville, TN for Christmas. Am I a believer of it just yet? No...I'm excited about the prospects, but not quite ready to say "it is going to happen"...that being said, we'll watch the latest model runs coming out later this morning and follow up with our thoughts.

You can see OUR LATEST FORECAST by clicking on the first link just to the right of this post. Also, there are weather links to several other sites that have experts who are way smarter than me!

I'll check back in later in the day.

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