Sunday, January 6, 2008

Interesting Weather Ahead

After we get through today with drizzle and cloudy conditions, the next several days hold lots of surprises!

Surprise #1--Temperatures on Monday could hit the mid and upper 60's.
Surprise #2--Storms by Tuesday and Tuesday night could be strong to severe
Surprise #3--Next weekend could usher in COLD AIR.
Surprise #4--First of following week could bring us the 's' word!

Obviously, #4 is a ways out and we'll have to watch it.

You can see our latest, local forecast here!

California continues to get bombed with bad weather. The forecast for our Tennessee Titans versus the San Diego Chargers is for temperatures to be in the mid 50's and a 100% chance of here.

Speaking of rain, we had just .05 this morning in the CoCoRaHS official rain gauge.

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