Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Big Rains In Alabama

Looking over information from our friends down at, Northern & Central sections of Alabama have seen massive amounts of rainfall since Memorial Day.

10.9" in Rogersville, AL
6.09" in Wright, AL
5.66 near Cherokee, AL
4.84 near Courtland, AL

More reports will be coming in via CoCoRaHS very soon.

Back here in Tennessee, our forecast calls for a 50% chance for Thundershowers today. Temperatures top out in the mid 70's.

*Latest, Local Forecast*


Anonymous said...

How are the groundwater levels doing around the Plateau these days? We'd heard a lot about rainfall deficits and drought, is that all long in the past now or is there still a shortfall?

Michael Detwiler said...

Checking our latest stats, we are currently at 21.10 at my station for the year plus another .71 in melted snow...21.81 total.

..our normal amount through the end of May is 24.77.., we are less than 3 inches behind.

That is a HUGE improvement over last year. We didn't see 20 inches of rainfall until July and it was dry the rest of the year.

Hope this answers your question!

MTWC said...

Hey Mike, this is Clay from MTWC. I have indeed upgraded MTWC to its own custom domain. I know you did that not too long ago. Blogger says it may take a while to change to the new domain. If you don't mind could you email any hints or tips about making that process go smoother. Thanks!

Michael Detwiler said...

Clay...I think you made a SMART move upgrading to your own custom domain. It is so affordable.

Mine worked almost immediately & you could type in either the old address or the new one and it went to the new site.

Let me know if you have any issues.

Email me at

MTWC said...

Thanks... It was worth giving up 2 McDonalds trips!

Michael Detwiler said...

HAHA!! I'm sure it was! Just checked and the new URL isn't quite up and running yet.


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