Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Weather Outlook

We start out sunny this morning here in Cookeville, TN.

Our *latest, local forecast* has in the 50/50 shot for rainfall, including thundershowers, for today.

The radar is showing (at 6:45 am) some shower activity to the south of us.

We expect to go through a couple of days of active weather and then for temperatures to increase to the mid 80's by the end of next week.

Headed off to church in a little over an hour from now. Daughter is in a human video today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike. It's been a while since I could post on here. My computer has been acting up and your site was still freezing on me, but not this morning. I'm glad that Clay told me about that site. I'm going to a spotter class in June and hopefully come this time next year when the action is rough. I can professional get out in it.

Michael Detwiler said...

Charles...I discovered what makes my site run faster. Use Mozilla's Firefox as your browser instead of Internet Explorer. Since I've changed to it, the site loads in just over 1 second.

Anonymous said...

We just had a pop up storm go to the north of us and hit Lafayette. It had heavy rain in it.

Michael Detwiler said...


It went to the south and west of us...we only got .02.......


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