Saturday, July 19, 2008

Weekend Forecast

Tropical Depression #3 has formed in the Atlantic and is just off the coast of South Carolina.
Nat'l Hurricane Center site and Wunderground Tropical site both have excellent info.

Back home here in Cookeville, Tennessee, we finally have a chance for rain today in our forecast. At 10%, however, it is a very slight chance! Temperatures will continue to be right around 90° for the high both today and tomorrow. Our last recorded rain was Sunday, July 13th..nearly one week ago. We've measured 4.10" of rainfall so far for July, more would certainly be helpful for farmers and gardeners.

Looks like I'm going to mow the yard today. It is much more fun to mow in the spring or fall. The summer is no fun for mowing!

Have a wonderful day and I'll post again later.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya on the mowing, summer heat & stickiness make it a real chore! Plus the grass and weeds just grow so fast it's crazy.

TD #3 can just trek right on out into the Atlantic, that's fine! Though in a way I'm happy to see the tropical activity, maybe it'll serve as a "safety valve" for all that heat energy instead of letting it bottle up into a troublesome hurricane.

Glad to see Wunderground is back, they were MIA for a couple of days! I read that it was a DNS issue caused by human error.

Michael Detwiler said...

Corgi...I'm glad Wunderground is back also. You know that happened to CoCoRaHS about six months ago.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya too on the yard work. I have to weed-eat and I hate it! And yes I know hate is a strong word! LOL!


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