Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest On Fay and Possible Rain...

Good Morning!  Let's jump in to all the information quickly.  Yesterday's high here in Cookeville at my station was 93.9°...our average high for this date is 87° we're almost 7° above normal.  For the month, we've average a high temperature of 86° while our normal high is 87.6°...last year, through this date, we averaged 95.4°...

Like last year though, we've been extremely dry.  Just .56" have been measured.

What is going on with Fay?  As of this morning, she is just off the Atlantic coast of Florida near Daytona Beach.  She hasn't weakened and is projected to gain strength today.   Been looking at rainfall totals for her and some locations in Brevard County have measured some incredible numbers.  Yesterday, I saw a report of nearly 15, I saw where station FL-BV-16 in Brevard County has measured 18.35" in two days while another station measured 16.53"....we'll continue to monitor the rainfall reports.  Incredible!

What does our forecast hold?  Will we see rain soon??  Click on the link below to find out!

*Latest, Local Cookeville TN Forecast*

To stay updated on Fay, use our links on this blog to the right...there is a wealth of information from those sites, especially the Nat'l Hurricane Center and the Wunderground Tropical Page.


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Anonymous said...

Cape Canaveral, 22" of rain from Fay. That's almost half of their annual rainfall total.

More than 500 homes flooded, and it's far from over.


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