Thursday, August 21, 2008

Latest Talk On Fay and Other Fun Stuff

Tropical Storm Fay continues to confound the experts!  The crazy model runs show all sorts of scenarios. Click on the map shown below for more detail.
Some call for it to scoot along in the Gulf of Mexico westerly along the Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and finally into the New Orleans area.  I'm sure the thought of that makes some residents nervous.

*Latest Fay Advisory from Nat'l Hurricane Center*

Looking at CoCoRaHS numbers in Florida, I've found some interesting 2-day reports
FL-BV-16  18.35"  2.9 miles Northwest of Palm Shores
FL-BV-20  19.72"  4.3 miles North Northwest of Palm Shores
FL-BV-22  19.45"  7.0 miles Northwest of Melbourne
FL-BV-02  20.75"  1.4 miles West of Palm Shores

.......Again, these rainfall totals for 2 days!

Here is a map of where the big rainfall fell along with a spot of the 20+ inches!

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My Mom sent me this Fantastic Hurricane Website from the Fox affiliate out of Tampa Bay, Florida.  Incredible maps and a whole lot of information.  Thanks Mom for the cool website.  Nice to know your mother cares enough about your hobby to feed you information!



Gilbert Van Norman 3rd said...

I love the weather, when I was in Upstate NY the weather was always unpredictable. We used to say that if you don't like it wait 5 minutes it will change. I have moved to Greenville SC and the weather down here seems to be the same everyday. Just hot. and maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Well, I will be keeping a eye on your blog.

I got mine at

Michael Detwiler said...

Gilbert...thanks for keeping an eye on my blog...I appreciate it!



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