Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Watching and Waiting

I chose this name for my blog post today because, we are watching and waiting on Tropical Storm Fay AND for rainfall here in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee. 

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Our forecast shows temperatures reaching into the 90's yet again today...and we really don't see a good chance of rainfall until Sunday (about 30%)....obviously, this could change depending on the track of Tropical Storm Fay.  Looking at the 5-day forecasting map for Fay, she 'only' makes it to Mobile, Alabama in that time.  Again, I caution you all, this is just a 'forecast'....


Mike Wilhelm said...

Hope you and I both get some much needed rain from Ms. Fay!

MTWC said...

Well, I am proud to say that Nashville Intl. Airport has finally measured rainfall... .01"!

Clay in Nashville

Madthas said...

Hope it rains soon. We are all eagerly waiting for the showers.

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Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Clay...congrats on the rain..can we get some here soon PLEASE!??!!


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