Monday, October 27, 2008

Brisk, Cold Day

Temperatures across Tennessee are expected to be cold today with highs struggling (in our area) to reach 50°...combine that with a strong northwest wind gusting to 25 mph today and it will feel more like the upper 30's...bundle up...tonight, temperatures fall quickly and we are expecting a freeze overnight as well as Tuesday night.

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October 27th Daily Almanac
Normal High: 67 (Record: 85 in 1940)
Normal Low: 40 (Record: 22 in 1957)
Last Year 59/46
On this date in 2006, 1.22" of rain fell

There is a CODE BLUE issued for Nashville tonight.  Watch ESPN's Monday Night Football to see what a 'code blue' is...hint below...

(this graphic courtesy of News 2 in Nashville )


Anonymous said...

"Code Blue" indeed! I'm wearing my Titans ballcap at work right now. Tonight I'll be pulling for them but of course I have to watch the Rays as it's do-or-die time for them...

Michael Detwiler said...

Paul...hey, thanks for promoting your 'new' team down there in St. Pete!! :) I hope your RAYS wake up and sweep the next 3 games...


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