Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More Rain Today

This morning at 8 am, it is 50° in Crossville, 39° in Nashville and 32° in Clarksville.  What a difference!

Rain continues today as we'll see highs near 50° today.  Measured another .38 this morning (from yesterday)...makes the 9th day this month with measurable precipitation.  More on that later.  Cloudy tonight..with fog developing overnight....could have some tough driving conditions in the very early hours of Thursday with lows around 40°.  We'll warm a bit as a front retreat to the northwest on Thursday and Friday..highs 55 for Thursday and 63 for Friday...rain is probable on Friday..warm also for the weekend, but we'll deal with rain and possibly, on Sunday, strong winds and thunderstorms.  Highs in the middle 50's both days.

Cold weather returns at the start of Christmas week.  More on this later.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

We've had a rain-filled December.  Thought I'd post our amounts through this morning.  Remember, these measurements are for 24 hours ending at 7 a.m.

1st    .24
2nd   .19
4th    .32
5th    .16
10th  2.74** ALL-TIME record for 12/10
11th   .38
12th  1.56
16th   .50
17th   .38

Our total (so far) for December stands at 6.47" (on average, we see 5.73 for all of this month) and we'll increase that number over the next 4 days.  This has been the wettest month since April of 2006 where 6.81" was recorded.  June of 2004 saw 7.15" recorded her in Cookeville.  A wet month indeed.

We stand at 46.05" for 2008...that is 8.5" below our average annual rainfall through this date.

On this date in weather history, Nashville records 2.72" (1915) of rain, we have 2.57 on this date in 2000.  2.5" of snow falls here in 1930.

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