Saturday, December 27, 2008

Saturday Night Storms in Tennessee

11:37 PM
I am headed to bed and will post later if storm conditions warrant! 
Go to: Nashville NWS for more info..
11:30 PM
I expect storms to reach the Cookeville area between 2:00 and 2:30 am.
10:54 PM
Nashville/Davidson County under Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 11:15 PM 
Storm is moving east at 50 mph and should be near Belle Meade and Forest Hills at 11:00 pm
Near Nashville and Oak Hill at 11:05 and Lakewood by 11:15..
10:30 PM
Lewis and Maury County both have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning 
10:24 PM
One of the BEST weather blogs (and forecasters) is from WGN.
When I think we've had a wild December...ours is NOTHING compared to theirs! Read on to see more from Chicago!
10:17 PM
I extend my apologies to Nashville's NWS for saying at 7:52 pm "Will Nashville NWS issue a Severe Thunderstorm Watch?"  I know the Storm Prediction Center in Norman, OK does that and not the local NWS office.  Sorry guys! :)
10:05 PM
Strong storms in Clarksville, TN
10:02 PM
Trees, according to Nancy Van Camp at Channel 4 , are down in Jackson, White House (before the storm), and in Hopkinsville, KY.
8:35 PM
Post from about current situation
8:25 PM
New T-Storm Warning just issued in KY
8:16 PM
Local Storm Reports from Paducah, KY NWS office 
61 mph wind reported in Evansville, IN
8:12 PM
Cookeville-Putnam County Emergency Mgmt Agency Weather Page 
8:10 PM
Not convinced we have enough 'fuel' to keep severe storm level here east of Nashville.
8:03 PM
Newest hot spots appear to be in Kentucky.  TN a little more quiet
7:52 PM
Does Nashville's NWS issue a Severe Thunderstorm Watch for Middle TN??
7:44 PM
Memphis' radar site
7:24 PM
New Severe T-Storm Warning issued for TN
Crockett, Dyer, Gibson, Obion, Weakley, Haywood, and Madison Counties.
7:21 PM
NWS-Memphis Local Storm Report Page
7:17 PM
Flash Flood Warning now in effect for downtown Memphis.  Severe Thunderstorm Warning expired.
Erik's Memphis Weather website
7:15 PM
Most outages caused by wind earlier in the day according to story at Memphis Commercial Appeal 
7:05 PM
Eddie Jackson's for (where else?) Jackson, TN...about an hour east of Memphis....
7:02 PM

7:00 PM
Memphis' National Weather Service website.
6:55 PM
Severe Thunderstorm Warnings in all counties that border the Mississippi River in West TN until 7:15 pm


Jyo said...

Hello... I finally have a bit of down time and was looking through your blog. Great info! Hope you are keeping o.k. during this 'interesting' winter. Looks like quite the storm moving through on the radar.

Michael Detwiler said...


Hey! Thanks for 'dropping in'...I appreciate the work you do on the tropical side.

Let me know if you have any ideas on how I can make this blog better.


Anonymous said...

Very good idea Mike; this provides a wealth of information. You are doing a wonderful job.

-Cameron K.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Cameron...I appreciate the very kind comment.


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