Saturday, January 24, 2009

Chilly Saturday and Sunday

Saturday Morning Thoughts
Cold air has returned (once again) to Middle Tennessee.  Just yesterday, we were in the mid and upper 50's here in Cookeville.  Now, we'll struggle to reach 40° today.  A north wind is making things feel even chillier.  Tonight's temperatures will drop into the 20's under a mostly clear sky.  Sunday's weather is a copy of today, but with a few more clouds.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Winter Returning Again?
We are currently watching a possible developing winter weather event for Tuesday.  At this time, there is an indication of some slippery roads for Tuesday morning.  I'm not confident in this just yet and will continue to monitor the latest information.

Middle TN Weather Fact of The Day
One of my favorite sites on the web is the Middle Tennessee Weather Fact of The Day put out the Nashville office of the National Weather Service.  Just on this date (January 24th), you have a whole host of things that happened...

In 1943, Clarksville sets a new record high in January of 82°
In 1963, cold records are set in several cities, including Kingston Springs with -30°.  Waverly goes from 66° down to -26° 80° drop in just one-day.  The Duck River freezes from bank to bank.  The harbors along the Tennessee River freeze.
In 1972, Nashville's high of 78° sets a new high record for January.
In 1997, 12 tornadoes strike causing 31 injuries, damage in excess of 9 million dollars.  An F4 strikes near Murfreesboro and it is the 7th largest outbreak in the state's history.

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