Friday, January 23, 2009

Warm, Windy Friday

****1:00 PM UPDATE****
So much for the warm sunshine.  Clouds have moved in and with the strong breeze (gusting to 20 mph), it feels much cooler than earlier this morning.  The barometer is on it's way down, which means changeable weather is coming.

In 1963, Nashville records it's greatest one-day drop in temperature.  After a high of 48°, the temperature drops to -13° by midnight representing a 61° drop...(courtesy-Nashville NWS Office )

It is a beautiful morning in Middle Tennessee.  Check out this sunrise over Cookeville!  Awesome.

Today's weather is going to be similar to an early spring day. Windy conditions with bright sunshine and a high temperature of near 60°. (Normal highs and lows this time of year are 46° and 25°)   Our weekend cools off once again, but enjoy today.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

I'm headed over to my church, Trinity Assembly, this morning.  We are moving furniture in to the new FUEL STUDENT MINISTRIES building. This building, along with the Royal Ranger building, is phase #1 of a three-phase project that will enlarge our facilities.  It is an exciting time in Youth Ministry.  God is moving amongst our youth.


Anonymous said...

It has indeed been a beautiful day outside! Enjoying it very much. Now we just have to wait 'til Feb. and see what that finicky groundhog has to say about things. If he doesn't cooperate I may send my Corgis after him!

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Paul...our sunshine has disappeared! :) You all better have your dogs chase that groundhog! I hope you are doing well.



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