Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dodging The Bullet

****3:45 PM UPDATE****
A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area for the early morning hours (4 a.m.) through lunch (1 p.m.).  Temperatures have 'warmed' into the middle 40's today.  The rain has mostly stopped for now.  We've received over 1 inch of rain since midnight.

****1:15 PM UPDATE****
Amazing contrast (almost 40°) in temperatures at this hour for our great state.  It is near 70° at the Tennessee/Alabama border while it is 32° at the Tennessee/Kentucky border. 

****8:45 AM UPDATE****
Flood Watch issued for our area through Wednesday morning .

We awake this morning with temperatures BARELY above freezing and rain falling.  Our schools here in Putnam County are on time. This is a wonderful thing.  Not too many miles to our north and west, they are dealing with freezing rain, one of the most dangerous weather events.

Currently at 6:45 a.m., we stand at 33.2° and expect to rise into the 40's today.  We've measured .40" of rain overnight.

Some reports around our area.
Quarter-inch ice accumulations in northwest Tennessee
All rain in south Nashville, ice accumulating in north Nashville
Snapping trees (due to ice) in Lafayette (Macon County)
Hopkinsville, KY an 'icy mess'
Major travel problems in Louisville, KY
State of emergency declared by Oklahoma governor

Excellent coverage over at AlabamaWX.com ...specifically, this post with video

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Our winter weather issues crop up on Wednesday.  It is possible (I say possible) that we see 1-3 inches of snow on Wednesday.

I'll be back later with more.  Going to be a busy next few days!


Anonymous said...

Well here in lawrenceburg it missed us by like alot but temps. are dropping and we wont get into the mid fifties like they said i agree with the snow.

Charles Loring said...

Hey Mike. Things are pretty icy here in Macon County indeed. I measured .25" of ice this morning and most of it is melting now. Can't wait for the snow later on tonight! :)

Michael Detwiler said...

Adam...you guys will be warm today...looks like you may get snow by Wednesday though.

Charles...interesting winter weather event!

Anonymous said...

yea well thats ok. will we get any activity overnight here in lawrenceburg?


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