Monday, January 26, 2009

Very Active Week Ahead

Our weather pattern turns very active starting today.  We expect some sort of precipitation every day. From rain to freezing rain to sleet and even snow, we'll have something for everyone!

I would keep up with the latest forecast as the computer forecasting models are having a tough time with the upcoming weather events this week.  The National Weather Service in Nashville has issued a FREEZING RAIN ADVISORY for counties to our northwest.  They expect a hazardous icing event developing for tonight.  Counties to the northwest of Nashville are under an ice storm warning. They could face power outages due to accumulating ice on trees and power lines.

For today, mostly cloudy skies with highs in the 40's.  Then, the fun begins! Freezing rain tonight with no accumulation of ice expected.  Rain all day and night on Tuesday.  Then a mixed bag of precipitation for Wednesday and Thursday.  It finally becomes all snow late Thursday night and on Friday.

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Middle Tennessee
Weather Fact of the Day

On January 26, 1832...
The Sparta Recorder and Law Journal reports that a cold snap drops temperatures to -18 degrees at Sparta, -26 degrees at McMinnville, and -18 degrees at Nashville. (The official all-time record low at Nashville is -17.)

On January 26, 1940...
Temperature at Waynesboro drops to -21, setting an all-time record low, as does Palmetto (-20), Murfreesboro (-19), and Ashwood (-17).


Meteorologist Erik Proseus said...

Hope you come out of this week without too many problems, Michael. Over here in the SW corner of the state, we're looking for freezing precip Tuesday night and early Wednesday, though places to our north will start getting winter precip - ice storm-style - tonight. Could be ugly.

--Erik, Blog

Michael Detwiler said...


It could get real ugly real quick for you guys. I hope not. Keep us informed via your blog please. Be sure you've set up mobile posting in case you lose power, you can still post via cell phone.


Anonymous said...

I've heard rumors that they've taken Cookeville out of the picture for Fr. Rain/Sleet tonight. Is that true, and what are you expected for Cookeville overnight and into tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Since the temps today didn't get as high as were predicted, does that increase our chance of seeing ice and/or snow for tonight? Our forecasted low for tonight is 34, but we're at 37 right now. I'd love to hear your opinion, Micheal!

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Ed and Jennifer~

All rain for us here in Cook-vegas and I'm glad for that! Don't mind snow, however an ice storm is no fun!



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