Monday, January 5, 2009

Flood Watch (Winter Weather West)

A Flood Watch is in effect starting tonight through Tuesday night.  2 to 4 inches of rain are possible right here in the Cookeville, TN area. The watch extends all the way into East TN.  Higher rainfall amounts are expected in the southeast sections of Middle Tennessee.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Over in West Tennessee, a Winter Weather Advisory has been posted by the Memphis NWS office. More on this from my friends Erik at Memphis WX and Eddie at Jackson (TN) Weather.

Back here in Cookeville, we recorded 1.06" of rainfall from yesterday's thundershowers and an overnight shower.

We do have snow expected by late Wednesday into Wednesday night and another round possible by the weekend.  Not real excited about any accumulations just yet.  This is subject to change!

(Courtesy: Nashville NWS)
On this date in 1924, the barometer climbs to 30.97, highest ever recorded in Nashville.  Also, on this date in 1960, heavy snowfall across Middle TN as Crossville records 8", Tullahoma 7.9", and Nashville receives 7.3" in Cookeville, we record 7.3" as well.

Cookeville Weather Daily Almanac (January 5th)
Normal High: 45° (Record: 70 in 1955)
Normal Low: 28° (Record: -10 in 1884)
Last Year 55°/42°
2.25" of rain fell on this date in 1950

Yesterday's high of 67°, while warm for January, was 5° off the record of 72° set back in 2004.


rheaweather arron said...

looks like were going to be wed. :( btw, im in southern rhea i have a feeling my amounts will be higher who knows!

Michael Detwiler said...


I think you're right...SOUTHEASTERN Middle TN will be ground zero for the most rainfall from the upcoming system.

Anonymous said...

i think its gonna be bad here in lawrenceburg lots of rain prolly a flood here but do you think were gonna get any snow in lawrenceburg im only 12 years old so im just askin

Michael Detwiler said...

Hey Adam...

At some point this winter, I'm sure you all will get some snow. Will it be this week? Possibly, as we have two chances (1 on Wednesday late and then again this weekend).


Anonymous said...

thanks the one on the weekend looks a lot better for any accumulation at least here anyways thanks a lot. I have posted a few things on my blog check it out sometime if u wanna thanks again

Michael Detwiler said...

Adam...I'll do that. What is the address of your website?

Anonymous said...

well thing is im new to this so i dont really know what my website address is can you help me

Anonymous said...

nevermind its uh its not much i just want you to see if it looks good for starters cause i want to be a meterologist one day i will add more comment it please.

rheaweather arron said...

not good, my whole town is a flood zone. i hope the creek dont break lose like it did during hurricane ivan. 6 inches is alot in 2 days!


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