Thursday, January 1, 2009

Goodbye 2008, Hello 2009 (Year In Review Part 2)

Thought I would continue my review of 2008.

At the end of March, our numbers told us of a wild month with a high of 72° on the 19th and a low of 19° on the  9th.

April came in with a bang as we expected BIG rains!  Measured 2.86" in first 5 days.  Even with the heavy rains, we were still behind in precipitation for 2008.

We remembered the deadly tornadoes of April 3 and 4, 1974.  Hard to believe it had been 34 years ago.

Continued to have Internet Service Provider issues, which caused posting problems.

The UT Lady Vols won ANOTHER Nat'l Title in Hoops!

Tornadoes struck Tennessee on April 11th causing damage in Middle TN

By the 14th, we had snow falling...what?  Snow on April 14th ?  That's right!  Then, by the 16th, we were up to 70°...just love that Tennessee weather!  We had our last frost on the 15th.

A few days later, an earthquake rocks Tennessee.  I was awoken around 4:40 am with what I thought was strong winds, but with my ceiling fan rocking back and forth in our bedroom, that was no wind!  The quake was felt from Chicago to Atlanta.

NWS-Nashville announces 'No More Extreme Drought' on the 19th after all the rains.

The end of April saw 80° days and the Titans draft two kids no one had ever heard of..Chris Johnson from East Carolina and Jason Jones from Eastern Michigan.  Fast forward to today and Johnson finishes the regular season with 1400+ yards rushing (most ever by rookie Titan/Oiler) and Jones plays great as he gets 3 sacks against the Pittsburg Steelers a few weeks ago in a huge game for home field advantage.  In other Titan news from April, we were finally rid of Pacman Jones!

May arrives with windy conditions and a Red Flag Warning (don't see those very often)

ISP switches my service to a new facility with 5x faster speed and more reliable connection! A big thanks!

Tornadoes strike Middle TN again on May 2nd. Speaking of tornadoes, we observed the one year anniversay of the Greensburg, KS tornado on May 5th. The F5 destroyed the entire town.

On May 9th, I receive a tornado video that makes me say "WOW"...the cars look like toys.

More tornadoes strike on May 10th as 20 die in MO, AR, and OK.

Leighton, AL Tornado Video

Our friends at Alabama WX post the '10 Deadliest Tornado Outbreaks' in US history.

Off weather for a moment, superstar music artist Steven Curtis Chapman's family is dealing with the tragic death of his young daughter Maria Sue.

Tornadoes strike Parkersburg, IA where 7 are killed and 50 injured.  The NWS later confirms it is an EF-5
More on Parkersburg's EF-5 (including pictures) here

Just a few days later, Kearney, Nebraska is struck by a massive tornado. Links are here, here, and here.

May was a WILD, WILD month!


Anonymous said...

Excellent and interesting summary of the past year, Michael. Happy New Year to you and your family!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy this weather site.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Eddie, I'll try to get June through December wrapped up in the next couple of days. As I scrolled back through the archives for this year, I had no idea of all the interesting stories we covered!

Anonymous...thanks for the kind comment!


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