Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bitter Cold Ahead!

***9:00 PM UPDATE***
Already down to 20°
Looks like mid-teens or lower by sunrise
Cold, raw, windy day tomorrow
Hi 39°, but cold wind chills
May not be out of teens on Thursday
Low near ZERO by Friday morning
***4:10 PM UPDATE***
***3:10 PM UPDATE***
Small snowflakes falling.
***12:45 PM UPDATE***
Sleet is falling in Cookeville. What next?
***9:45 A.M. UPDATE***
The few snowflakes have turned to sprinkles of rain
***9 A.M. UPDATE***
Noticed a few snow flurries flying here in Cookeville.

Radar Shot @ 5:25 AM

The precipitation is late arriving in our area.  A cold front is swinging through Middle Tennessee this morning bringing some rain and snow along with much colder temperatures.  At 5:25 am, we are 36° and the winds are from the southwest.  We do expect the front to pass and winds to turn to the northwest and pick up some speed.  Wind gusts could top 25 mph.  Temperatures will fall all afternoon through the 20's.  Dress warmly!

Everyone wants to know about snow.  I do believe we'll see snow today.  I am not overly excited about any accumulation.  We need more precipitation in place for accumulating snow.

Tonight will be cold with lows in the teens.  High Wednesday just 41° with a low on Wednesday night of 16° and snow chances creep back in.  More snow on Thursday with a high of just 23° as another STRONG COLD FRONT sweeps through.  Low Thursday night of 7° by sunrise on Friday.  Only 21° for a high on Friday.

By the way, if you're a SNOW NUT like me, check out the BLOG PAGE for WGN-Chicago!  They've nearly doubled their total snowfall from last winter and are on pace for one of the biggest years in recent history.    


Anonymous said...

Can we expect any snow this evening?

Michael Detwiler said...

Hi Steve:

Nothing more than a few flurries. I think we'll clear out over the next couple of hours. VERY COLD TONIGHT! Thanks for asking the question.

Anonymous said...

Do you see any gulf lows coming soon clippers give us no snow and what about wensday night snow?

Anonymous said...

I was looking at some of the ORD climate summaries and they have had nearly 3 feet of snow this winter. I CANNOT RELATE TO THAT. My wife is from Chicago. We married in 1977 and that was a period in the climate cycle for cold and snow there. I think they have 8 on the ground currently.


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