Saturday, February 7, 2009

Can You Believe This Day?

It is absolutely gorgeous outside today!  Here in Cookeville, temperatures will hit the mid 60's this afternoon while some locations in Tennessee will push 70.

*Latest, Local Forecast

Sunday gives us slight chance for rain...but a sunny Monday with warmer temperatures.  Watching for rain again during the mid-week and possibly thunderstorms for late-week.  Have to keep an eye on a potentially severe threat on Wednesday night/Thursday.

Enjoy this wonderful day! I'm watching my 16 month-old daughter is good.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a gorgeous pre-spring day - and the first time I ever had to LOOK for a parking space at Cane Creek Park! I think everyone had the same idea. It's great to see the kids be able to get out of the house and just play & get crazy.

Unknown said...

i finally found your page. sorry it took so long. this is JERRY KOLBE we got to be friends when i worked for jim smoody at holiday inn. you have a great page. i'm now linked to it on my igoogle homepage. :) talk soon i hope.
jerry kolbe


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