Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Changes Ahead

First, a very HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my parents..married 47 years today!  Congrats Mom and Dad!

Another warm day on tap for us in Middle Tennessee. We'll see 72° here in Cookeville while locations to our west near Nashville will hit 75°-77°. Thunderstorms move in after midnight here in the Upper Cumberland. We'll stay in the rain producing pattern all the way through Saturday. Possible activation of spotters for Friday night and Saturday.

Speaking of severe weather, now is a GREAT time to get a weather radio.  Come to Kroger today, Tuesday, in Cookeville and purchase one for 29.95 and we'll program it for you.  Thanks to News Channel 5 for doing this in conjuction with Kroger.  Charlie Neese, News Channel 5 meterologist, will be on hand as well. 

How Not To Measure Temperature, Part 85 has just been released by our friend, Anthony Watts, on his website Watts Up With That! This particular site is down in Pascagoula, MS where Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005. Apparently, when the operation was rebuilt, the folks in charge took little consideration on how/where to site the weather equipment. 

From the Accu-Weather.com blog comes this great piece of information.  According to Jesse Ferrell, Cherry County, Nebraska had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning, Tornado Warning, and Blizzard Warning yesterday at 2:15 pm. WOW!  Cherry County is an unusally large county though. 

Speaking of yesterday, 160 severe weather reports across the country.

Weather History for This Date
1912-25" of snow falls on Kansas City in just 24 hours!
1929-Temperatures hit 94° in Clarksville, TN..their hottest March reading ever 
1994-Lightning strikes belltower attached to Warren County, TN courthouse in McMinnville causing a fire.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
If you like interesting weather facts and extremes, then this site is for you!

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
March 24, 2009
Normal High: 62 (Record: 87 in 1929)
Normal Low: 37 (Record: 17 in 1968)
Last Year: High: 39.9 and Low: 30.7....BRRRR!
6.2 inches of snow on this date in 1940


Mike Wilhelm said...

Congrats to your parents. My Dad passed away two months from their 50th. In my mind they made it 50 years. We are both blessed to have that inheritance.

Michael Detwiler said...

Thanks Mike...I agree your parents had 50+ years with each other! And yes, we are blessed to have those examples...no doubt about it!


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