Thursday, May 14, 2009

Ready for Rain??

Rain chances are on the increase today as a line of storms is crossing the Tennessee river in the western part of the state at 6:30 this morning.  It appears, however, the line is losing it's punch. We'll still keep rain chances in the forecast and expect a windy day with gusts running up to 30 miles per hour.

*Latest, Local Forecast*

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
May 14, 2009
Normal High: 76°
(Record: 94° in 1896)
Normal Low: 51°
(Record: 35° in 1917)
Last Year: 69° and 55°
1.38" of rain this date in 1995

My parents have returned from a 17-day trip across the Atlantic Ocean on a cruise ship.  They own a houseboat on beautiful Center Hill Lake.  On  the day they left, the depth finder on their boat said it was setting in 60 feet of water.  Of course, we received nearly 7 inches of rain while they were gone.  When they checked it on Tuesday, the depth finder said 87 feet.  An incredible rise of 27 feet at Center Hill.  The floodgates had to be opened to let some water out of the lake.  This is the first time they've had to open the gates in several years.

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