Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quite Warm Again

This is a late Thursday update due to being covered up at my paying job!

Temperatures reached 90° here in Cookeville today. This is the 10th straight day of highs of at least 86° and the 4th in the last 7 of hitting 90+. I expect we'll see 90° on Friday and more like 94° on Saturday. Rain chances of around 30% for Friday and very minimal chances on Saturday. By Sunday, rain chances increase once again and temperatures moderate some. By Monday, rain diminishes and highs may only reach the lower 80's.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
June 25th, 1911- Nashville records 3.79" of rain.
June 25th, 1957-Forecasters tracking a new hurricane in Gulf of Mexico. Typically, June hurricanes weren't thought of to be strong. Hurricane Audrey changes that thinking forever.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
June 25th
Wednesday's high: 86° low: 64°
Normal High: 86°
(Record: 99° in 1930)
Normal Low: 63°
(Record: 49° in 1974)
Last Year: 91° and  61°
1.95" rain fell on this date in 1929
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