Monday, July 6, 2009

Work-Week Weather Forecast

Michael and his family are taking a much needed break. You may see the upcoming weather forecast by clicking on the link below.

*Latest Local Forecast*

Weather History for This Date
July 6th
2001-A wild series of tornadoes and waterspouts gave viewers some incredible pictures in Myrtle Beach, SC. There are 36 injuries.
1930-The heatwave continues across Middle Tennessee as Nashville, Tullahoma, and Waynesboro all hit 99°, while Franklin and McMinnville hit 100°, Dover 101°, and Lewisburg 103°.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
Our FWSOTD is the Weatherbug Backyard Club Blog. This interesting collection of posts are from weather bloggers nationwide. Some folks just post their conditions each day while others go wild with the formatting and the photos. I encourage you to check it out! Weatherbug is a simple to use weather program for your computer.

Cookeville's Daily Almanac 
July 6th
Normal High: 87°
(Record: 97° in 1930)
Normal Low: 65°
(Record: 50° in 1970)
Last Year: 87° and 65°
2.40" of rain fell on this date in 1967
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