Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot Weekend and Active Tropics

First, expect several hot days in a row across Middle Tennessee with highs near 90° here in the Cookeville area. While some may see one or two pop-up showers, don't expect any today. Sunday-Wednesday is a different story as chances increase each day for the rainfall. 10% at the most for Sunday up to a 40% chance by Tuesday.

Next up on the list is the continuing tropical development in the Atlantic. It was for good reason we decided to feature the Nat'l Hurricane Center as the Fun Weather Site of the day this past Wednesday. Tropical Storm Ana is the first named storm of the 2009 season. Conditions are very favorable for continued development as well as a westward movement toward the U.S. mainland. While still 1000 miles east of the Leeward Islands, this storm bears watching. I've included a link to a website called STORMPULSE. They may have the best graphics of anyone on the web. Best of all, it is free!

Not only is Ana looking very favorable for development, there is another area of disturbed weather that is east of Ana and is likely to become a named storm. If they both pan out, I'd consider next weekend the prime-time for two hurricanes to be all over the newscasts.

Weather History for This Date
1969-Camille reaches hurricane status this date. It would go on to wreck the Mississippi Gulf Coast and is considered by many to the most (along with Katrina) devastating hurricane to hit that area. Excellent story on Camille by our friends at

1954-A heatwave assaults Middle Tennessee as Nashville goes over 100° for the second day in a row.

Fun Weather Site of The Day
Don't laugh at this one, but I'm featuring my own web site as the FWSOTD. I know, I know..many of you are asking this: Why in the world would you feature your own web site, Michael? Here is the short and quick answer. Someone I respect pointed out a couple of ideas they had for changes to my site. I went ahead and made the changes and want feedback. So, at the risk of getting hammered, here is my e-mail address for comments!

Cookeville's Daily Almanac
Yesterday's high: 90° low: 65°
Normal High: 87°
(Record: 98° in 2007)
Normal Low: 64°
(Record: 49° in 2004 )
Last Year: 82° and 61°
1.62" of rain fell on this date in 1920

**LAST, BUT NOT LEAST** (July Review)
Finally, a quick look back at July. For the entire state of Tennessee, July was the 3rd coolest ever and it was one of the rainiest in history, too. A story from NOAA about July is available here.
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