Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weather History Lesson for November 3rd

What significant weather event in Cookeville, TN occurred on this date in 1966? The answer is contained later in this post!

Sunny skies again today ahead of an approaching cold front. The great news is the front is DRY, for a change. Expect highs around 60°. Tonight will be COLD after frontal passage with a low in the lower 30's. Frost is expected once again. Sunshine once again for Wednesday with highs in the lower 60's. No rain in the 7-day forecast, but we do see a warming trend as highs could reach 70° by Friday. Enjoy your Tuesday!

Weather History for This Date
Finally, here is the answer to the above question! It happened 43 years ago.
1966-On this date, Cookeville receives 15.2" of SNOW. This is the most ever measured here!
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Anonymous said...

I would love to see a post on your opinion of the upcoming winter. I have read a few things that say a cold dry winter, a couple that say lots of ice storms and one that says increased chance for late season "big" snow.

Unknown said...

i remember that snow. i was living in the monterey housing project then. we had a ball sledding.
jerry kolbe


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